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I'm Back!!!

So, I had lost my program, "Presonus: Studio One 2" about a month or two ago! I had to refresh my computer and basically start over again. Luckily, I have my program registered so I could go online and download it back onto my laptop! Although, I just recently got back my plug-ins for my program and am back in action!! It was a crazy time without having my therapy there for me but thankfully as of yesterday I located where the plug-ins are on my program. For some reason it had shifted from category where it used to be to the vender section. Yesternight is when I found all of my missing plug-ins, So I quickly with two hours apart made two new beats. I had made one beat with PorK previously since all I had for plug-ins was synth. Well that and my keyboard. We created a beat first with the synth and then layered in with keyboard parts. That was about a month ago I made the first beat. It feels great to have fully functioning program again that I am able to create as before! Looking forward to making some more new tunes!!! Thanks for reading, as always! -Aaft. <3


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