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Welcome To My BLOG!!!!!!

Updated: Feb 25

My BLOG is all about me! Thank you for joining in this experience! My BLOG will mostly pertain to music memories of mine...

So... the first influences for me as a child were, "MJ/Jackson Five"! The first artist to come along that would ultimately lay the foundation for what I really wanted to do musically was a Nu Metal band called, "KoЯn"!

KoЯn blended two 7-string guitars (Head/Munky), a 5-string bass (Fieldy), drums (David) & a singer (Jonathan Davis). Jonathan Davis had always spoke levels to me incomparable to others. His lyricals were greater and deeper than any other artist, and through their heaviness the band emerged as the most cathartic band for me!

Even though their sound would change throughout the years, KoЯn stayed true to themselves! Replacing David with Ray in 2008 (in which he would become an official member of the band in 2009). The return of Head to the band in 2013 would only further cement the band in their Legendary status amongst their peers and fans alike...

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