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Aaft’s Sexuality!!!

Updated: May 21

I am a straight male very much into women he finds attractive…

Some might say my interests are a bit queer compared to the average guy… Aaft would say he’s much like KoRn’s singer Jonathan Davis!!!

Aaft (and not speaking for the band entirely) is into kinky sexual


Sexual fantasies include: Threesomes with two pleasant, sharing/caring, attractive ladies. Also, anything goes pretty much except feces!!!

God is good, all the time!!!

Aaft has many different fetishes and his main attraction to a female personality-wise is a down-to-earth lovable, respectable, negotiable, kind-spirited, sexual being (female).

Lastly, his physical attraction to women includes everything about a female… From her face, to her neck, feet, thighs, vagina, arms, legs, breasts and stomach/backside…

Info De Bonus: His most attractive physical feature on a woman is their booty!!!

Peace, Respect and Lovability!!! ☮️✊🏽💙

Which is your favourite?!?

  • Oral sex is the best!

  • I love Vaginal sex!!

  • Anal sex is def my favourite!!!

  • I’m freaky deaky—-All the above

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