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The Full Story


Aaft_dog was created in early 2005. After the creation of Aaft, members joined as following;

Mchl, Phil & PorK in order for the allowance of Slut Magnet...
AwSM (Aaft_dog with Slut Magnet) is:
Aaft: Lead Vocals
Mchl: Guitar
Phil : Guitar
PorK - Bass, Vocals
- - - - - - - - - -
??? - Keys
??? - Drums



Our Mission to to continuously create dope material/tunes... As Well as to play the best live shows... As well as to give the fans a sense of light, positivity and love...


Our vision may seem complicated to some but in actuality it is very coherent and simple... We plan to continue our sound development with each forthcoming album... Stick with us!!!

PorK II.jpg
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